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St. John’s 2018 Cookbook

by Ingrid Clark

Do you LOVE to cook…Have you been told you should be a professional chef because you’re the “BEST COOK EVER”??? Well have we got news for you! Here’s your chance to showcase your best recipes ever!!!

Please join us in creating a St. John’s 2018 Cookbook



  1. TYPE RECIPES (Left hand side/Blue bar)
  2. LOG IN: umc (lowercase)
  3. USER NAME: cookbook2018 (lowercase)
  4. You will see : St. John’s Cookbook (to the right…click on the GREEN BUTTON that says EDIT)
  5. Click on RECIPES BOX (Icon)
  6. Click on ADD RECIPE
  7. Begin with CATEGORY
  8. Once you have entered your recipe…click SAVE or click SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER.

Forms are also available to handwrite your recipes (Please turn in your handwritten recipes to Ingrid)

Recipes suggestions: Appetizers, Beverages, Soups, Salads, Vegetables, Main Dishes, Breads, Rolls, Desserts, Miscellaneous,

We would like to dedicate a section to some of those “Great Cooks” who have gone before us. Please share some of your favorites!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Robin Bartholomew (409) 771-2664

Dianne Ho-Gland (409) 945-4039

Pam Welch (409) 770-7551

Recipes are due no later than Saturday, June 30th